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Cornell Statistical Consulting Unit

The Cornell Statistical Consulting Unit (CSCU) is a professional service group that aims to strengthen research on campus by assisting scholars with using statistical methods in their research in the most optimal way. Our services are coordinated to provide statistical expertise to the entire Cornell community through consulting, teaching, and contract services. Find out more […]

Cornell University Statistical Consulting Unit Workshops

The Cornell Statistical Consulting Unit offers workshops every semester on statistical topics that are commonly used by researchers. The emphasis is on the application of statistical methods, rather than statistical theory. find out more @ Cornell University Statistical Consulting Unit: Workshops.

Expanded Choices for Citation Management

If you’re doing research at Cornell (and who isn’t)?, you need some kind of system to manage the large quantity of literature books, journal articles, dissertations, etc. your project is built on.  There are software programs specifically designed to do this; until recently, the primary choice was either Endnote or Refworks.  And while both programs […]

Electronic Lab Notebook Pilot: Call for Participation

Academic Technologies and Cornell University Library are engaging in a joint pilot program to determine the feasibility of offering a campus-wide Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) service. The pilot, which will begin in January and run through the end of May 2013, will involve ELN use in courses and for researchers. LabArchives ( has been chosen […]