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Network Connectivity Program

The Network Connectivity Program, a multi-million dollar, three-year initiative to upgrade and install new network infrastructure in 46 buildings on Cornell’s Ithaca campus is complete. The program, which came in under budget and was completed on schedule, has resulted in a network capable of fully supporting Cornell’s research and educational missions by delivering information at […]

RedRover “Secure” retiring – 15 July 2014

On July 15, both Cornell’s Ithaca campus and Weill Cornell Medical College will retire RedRover Secure. This change does not affect RedRover (the unencrypted Cornell Wi-Fi service). Eduroam will be Cornell’s preferred secure network. All current RedRover Secure users will receive a notification prior to the change, with info about changing to Eduroam. Additionally, we […]


Over the next few weeks SafeDNS is being expanded from wi-fi and residence hall networks (in place since March 2013) to all campus networks. What is SafeDNS? SafeDNS is an added feature to our existing DNS infrastructure.  It is designed to help prevent computers at Cornell from being infected by malicious software. How does SafeDNS […]