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Options for Very Large To: Lists in Email Messages

After you migrate to Office 365 you will find that it includes some security defenses that limit the ability of an individual to send huge numbers of messages in a short amount of time. If you have legitimate large mailings to do, please understand these limits and the alternatives you have for delivering your messages. […]

iOS 6.1 – iPads and iPhones

The iOS 6.1 update for iPhone/iPad has some known issues with Office 365 and Cornell’s Exchange system. If you haven’t updated yet, you should wait. Full Details @ IT: Status Alert Details.

Office 365: Steps to Take After Your Account Is Moved

Next week is the big week for CALS to migrate to Office 365. Please bookmark this page or the instructions page in case you have an issue with your email after you migrate next week. This page assumes you followed the steps to do before your account was moved to Office 365. If you have […]

Office 365 – Steps to Take Before Your Account Is Moved

Depending on how you access your email and calendar now, you may need to take a few steps before your account is moved to Office 365. You will be notified by email 3 weeks before your account is scheduled to move, and you will also receive a few reminders. These steps can be done at […]

Office 365 Update

Progress summary: Migrations will continue through December 20. The individuals who are moving in December are mostly from Facilities and Student and Academic Services. Migrations will pause for the employee winter break before resuming in January and continuing through February. Progress bar: The Office 365 home page now includes a progress bar that shows the percent and number […]

Office 365

From late fall 2012 into spring 2013, the Cornell email and calendar system for faculty and staff will be switched from the locally provided Exchange service to a Microsoft cloud-based service called Office 365. Office 365 provides the same email and calendar system you use today, and you’ll be able to continue using the same […]

Exchange Lingo

CIT has published a number of valuable pages relating to Exchange so we’ll take an opportunity each week or so and highlight one here, ok, we’re mostly just going to link to their page. First up: an Exchange Lingo Glossary @  IT: Exchange Lingo Glossary.

Calendar Issue Alert

There have been a number of reports of meeting hijackings recently, both at Cornell and at other institutions and companies. This happens when someone who is invited to a meeting inadvertently becomes the owner of the meeting on the calendar, and changes or deletes the meetings for other invitees. Full Details @ IT: Status Alert Details.

New Exchange Account Manager tool launches

Effective Sunday, September 16, there will be a new tool, called Exchange Account Manager, for requesting and managing Exchange Group Accounts, room accounts, and equipment accounts. Exchange Account Manager (EAM) replaces the current EGA Tool, and it provides many of the enhancements that have been requested since that tool was introduced. EAM was demo’d at […]

Cornell email attachment size is being lowered

This message is about a change to Cornell’s Exchange email and calendar system that will be made on July 14-15. The weekend of July 14 and 15, CIT will be lowering the limit on email message sizes to 25 MB (megabytes). We will also be upgrading the Exchange 2010 email and calendar system to Service […]

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