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How is spam getting in your mailbox if Cornell supposedly blocks it?

When you scan your Inbox each morning, chances are you’ll spot a few messages that turn out to be spam junk mail. Lately they aren’t even marked with the telltale PMX signature that Cornell’s anti-spam system adds to questionable messages. What’s going on? Would you like to know more? Go To How is spam getting in […]

Phish Bowl – email scams

There has been a significant uptick of Phishing attempts in the last couple of weeks so we’d like to point out that IT@Cornell has a website that lists some of these scam emails and also has a list of verified legitimate Cornell-related emails that might initially make you suspicsious. At the link below are some examples of phishing emails seen […]

Email and Calendar hosting

In fall 2012, the Cornell email and calendar system for faculty and staff will be switched from the locally provided Exchange service to a Microsoft cloud-based service called Office 365. This service provides the same email and calendar system you use today, and you’ll be able to continue using the same Outlook, Outlook Web App, […]