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Cornell Box keeps improving

All faculty, staff and students have a Box account, and we all recently received an upgrade to 50GB of online storage. You can store, share and collaborate on a lot of files with 50GB! via Tech Talk: Did you know Cornell Box keeps improving? | Pawprint.

Box updates for March 2014

A variety of changes are coming to Box in March. Box is useful for lots of things. Sharing documents without cluttering email Accessing content while traveling Viewing files on any device Find out more about the upgrades and how to use Box at IT: What’s New March 2014.

Cloud computing: Four ways to protect your identity and your data in the cloud

To save resources, protect data and make access to services easier, IT@Cornell strongly encourages the campus community to use enterprise cloud services with a Cornell contract whenever possible. But what about those times when you find you must use a consumer cloud service? How can you protect the university’s data, your data and your online […]

Cornell enterprise online services

Sometimes, members of the Cornell community wonder why they should care about what cloud services they use, or why it’s important to use Cornell-contracted online services instead of other services. For example, there’s no shortage of places to store data, and with cloud offerings, the options are increasing. via Cornell enterprise online services and privacy […]

Cloud Computing: How cloud services benefit Cornell University | Cornell IT News

Managed correctly, cloud services can bring many benefits to Cornell. The cloud may allow us to reduce our infrastructure investment, move quickly when an IT service is needed, buy only the features we want to use and change providers and vendors more easily when better pricing or fit comes along. Like any other resource, the […]

Cloud computing: Why is cloud computing strategic for Cornell?

IT@Cornell is deliberately focusing on cloud computing as one way to more efficiently deliver IT services, create a more satisfying end-user experience for the community, refocus resources on Cornell’s academic technologies and provide an alternative choice and route to traditional service delivery. more info @ Cloud computing: Why is cloud computing strategic for Cornell? | Cornell […]

Cloud Computing: What are Cornell’s cloud services?

This is the second in a series of articles about cloud computing at Cornell appearing in IT@Cornell News and PawPrint Are you aware when you are using one of Cornell’s cloud services vs. an on-premise service? When you know what to look for, cloud services are easy to recognize. They… aren’t installed on your computer—you […]

Cloud Computing: What is it?

Cornell IT News has just released the first in a series of articles about cloud computing at Cornell appearing in IT@Cornell News and PawPrint. Read the article @ Cloud Computing: What is it? | Cornell IT News.