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Calendar Issue Alert

There have been a number of reports of meeting hijackings recently, both at Cornell and at other institutions and companies. This happens when someone who is invited to a meeting inadvertently becomes the owner of the meeting on the calendar, and changes or deletes the meetings for other invitees. Full Details @ IT: Status Alert Details.

Important change for Cornell BlackBerry users

A major service change planned for March 2013 will affect about 200 individuals who use a BlackBerry to access their Cornell Exchange email and calendar. Those individuals have been notified and asked to take action before then. The service that enables BlackBerry users to access their Cornell email and calendar — the BlackBerry Enterprise Server […]

Phish Bowl – email scams

There has been a significant uptick of Phishing attempts in the last couple of weeks so we’d like to point out that IT@Cornell has a website that lists some of these scam emails and also has a list of verified legitimate Cornell-related emails that might initially make you suspicsious. At the link below are some examples of phishing emails seen […]

Intermittent Email issues

Date: Apr 26, 2012, 06:25 PM Expected duration: Unknown Status: Open Description: Exchange email and calendar is running slowly at times. You may occasionally see slow or lost connections, and longer than usual times to process email or calendar tasks. Trying again in a little while is the best advice for now. CIT is investigating […]