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My Extension Everywhere

My Extension Everywhere allows Cornell faculty and staff to have the benefits of their Cornell phone number on their cell phone, or any phone they choose. If a Cornell desk phone is not needed, it is possible to pay for only the phone number and My Extension Everywhere at a cost of less than $15 […]

Cornell’s Redesigned Website

On Tuesday, June 3, University Communications proudly launched the completely redesigned website – the university’s gateway to news, events, and storytelling around the university. We are excited to bring you this state-of-the art design. As many of you know, our process has included valuable review and feedback cycles from stakeholders across our campuses. This […]

SAS Licensing Renewal Notice 2014

It is time to renew Cornell University’s volume license for SAS. CU Software needs to know your license requirements for the 2014-15 license period. We are asking that you place a pre-order using the CU Software licensing site to provide a firm commitment to purchase the number of licenses you indicate. 

Regulated Data

As a custodian of institutional information, you are responsible for the Cornell data sent, stored or shared on all information technology devices — personal or university-owned — that you use. This responsibility includes choosing appropriate information technology (IT) to manage data. See all details at  IT: Guidelines for Using Campus IT Services with Regulated Data.

Dell Strategic Preferred Supplier

If you have a personal computer in your office, chances are that it’s a Dell, and you probably know that Dell has been a consistent source of computers to Cornell for several years. On November 8, 2013, Procurement Services recognized Dell as a strategic preferred supplier, a designation that recognizes companies that provide significant multiyear […]

myCornell to be retired in June

At the end of June, 2014, will be retired, due to an imbalance between low usage and overall support costs. full details @ June 2014 – myCornell being retired | Cornell IT News.

Research Data Management Info Sessions

Cornell faculty and staff are invited to attend an informational session offered by the Research Data Management Service Group (RDMSG). Staff from the RDMSG will discuss the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) policy requiring a data management plan with all grant proposals, review the requirements and describe how researchers can obtain assistance to create data management […]

FERPA and Teaching with Technology

FERPA (the Family Educational Rights Privacy Act) affords students certain rights with respect to their education records. What is an education record? Content that identifies students, or content that students create, constitutes an education record and thus FERPA regulations apply; those regulations require that the university protect the content from disclosure. One exception to the […]

Cornell enterprise online services

Sometimes, members of the Cornell community wonder why they should care about what cloud services they use, or why it’s important to use Cornell-contracted online services instead of other services. For example, there’s no shortage of places to store data, and with cloud offerings, the options are increasing. via Cornell enterprise online services and privacy […]

New features in the Cornell Survey Tool

There may be some new features you’re not aware of in Cornell’s Central Survey Tool, Qualtrics. If you haven’t tried it recently, sign in to see what it can do for your surveys, forms, and all sorts of other information gathering.In addition to the professional, web-based survey features the service already provided, the application now […]

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