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Mac OS 10.10 ( Yosemite) status

The Casper group, a team within CALS-OIT that oversees our managed Mac OS efforts, determined that blocking Yosemite was in order to ensure clients who are able to run OS 10.9 and below remained there until critical Cornell software was made available and could be deployed with Casper.  Specifically, a Yosemite compatible Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) client, which is a requirement to comply with Cornell IT Security Policy 5.10.

The other piece of software that we’re waiting on is TSM.  Which is the only CALS-OIT supported backup solution.  Without a working supported backup solution for Yosemite, it was determined it would be best to minimize the chance of breaking an actively working backup under 10.9 and currently available TSM client.

For new Apple hardware that comes with 10.10 already installed, these systems cannot be rolled back to 10.9 (Apple blocks this).  The hardware simply will not allow 10.9 or below to run.  In those cases there is nothing we can do but wait until the compatible versions of the SEP and TSM become available.  This is an issue we will always have as long as Apple sticks to their current policies.  It’s a game of catchup from a ‘Cornell required software’ standpoint that we find ourselves in each time a new Mac OS comes out.

If you feel you need to upgrade to Yosemite, please submit a request at:

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