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ID Finder for CALS computers

All college owned computers currently have “Identity Finder” software installed in order to assist faculty and staff in identifying confidential, restricted, or personally identifiable, information that might be stored on them.  Beginning in November 2016, CALS OIT will reinitiate the effort of automatically running Identity Finder on all college owned computers on a quarterly basis. […]

File types blocked on Cornell email

Starting Monday, May 23, 2016, in order to better protect Cornell’s community against malicious email attachments that often pose as something legitimate, the IT Security Office has requested that a list of file types most often used to deliver malware be blocked from Cornell’s email systems. This change aligns our systems with those of many […]

IT Services that support team work

Interested in learning more about how you can interact, share, and collaborate with people based somewhere else, without having to get in the car? Check out the Guide to IT Services that support team work. Shortly you will also be able to watch a recording of the presentation: Tech That Can Save You a Trip which […]

Install Java without adware

Did you know that Windows users can install Java updates without even being prompted to install their sponsored ad-ware? Go to Control Panel – Java – Advanced and way down in the Miscellaneous section, check the box that says “Suppress Sponsor Offers” Full details at 

How to Discover and Remove Confidential and Sensitive Data

The only way to be sure your computer is free of confidential data is to search for it and destroy it. At Cornell, we use Identity Finder to do this. Learn what ID Finder does really well, and about two precautions to be aware of when using it in this short intro video. via Data […]

Google Search Tips

Upgrade your Google-Fu out of the white belt level. Check out some Google Search Tips


A screenshot is an image capture of anything on your desktop, an error message or configuration option dialog box that you have a question about. Screenshots might also be called screen grabs or screen captures. There are a couple of different options for screen captures for both Mac and PCs and the basics for each are […]

Your Large Attachments

Before the move to Microsoft’s Office 365, we recommended that everyone remove any messages in their mailbox that were larger than 25 MB, as these messages would not be migrated. When your mailbox was migrated to Office 365, CIT created an archive of any oversized messages still present in your account. This archive has been […]

Expanded Choices for Citation Management

If you’re doing research at Cornell (and who isn’t)?, you need some kind of system to manage the large quantity of literature books, journal articles, dissertations, etc. your project is built on.  There are software programs specifically designed to do this; until recently, the primary choice was either Endnote or Refworks.  And while both programs […]

Make Text Easier To Read In Windows

Most of us spend hours reading on the computer every day, but our computers probably aren’t optimized for reading. The text on our monitors may not be sharp enough or may be too small, especially if we have high-resolution monitors. Websites usually aren’t optimized for reading long-form articles either – they’re cluttered with too many […]

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