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Multiple reboots

A small subset of CALS-OIT managed Windows computers will receive multiple patches and reboots on October 15th starting at 4 PM.

We have identified an issue where a small portion of managed Windows computers are not communicating correctly with the Cornell University Windows computer management tool, Configuration Manager (CM). Because CM cannot communicate with the remaining systems, we cannot identify all of them or communicate the impending fixes directly on the devices.

The patches and reboots should be complete by the morning, if you leave your computer on and on-line over Tuesday night.

These patches and the subsequent reboots will only happen if your computer is on-campus OR it is connected to the Cornell VPN.
If your computer is off, off-campus or off-line, you will see the patches install and subsequent reboots the next time you come to campus.

If this time is inconvenient for you, please feel free to put in a ticket with a preferred date / time that is prior to 4 PM on Tuesday October 15th and we’ll apply the patches for you before the deadline.

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