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Spirion changes

On Wednesday May 30th between 2 and 3 PM CALS-OIT will update some settings in Spirion (formerly ID Finder) that will apply to all CALS-OIT managed machines. These changes will improve performance and user experience in regards to the scan process and should be transparent to users. We will be in touch with all clients about the changes to the interface prior to the next scheduled scan, in the fall.

CALS will adopt the following standard Cornell options:

  1. Turn off the “No History” policy – Turns future Spirion scans into an incremental scan (like EZ-Backup) instead of full scans. This means the end of scan log will only show results from that scan. Clients will be encouraged to close that log and re-open Spirion to see the full results. It is not ideal but this small work-around will allow scans that currently run for hours to complete in minutes, so it is a good tradeoff.
  2. Turn on “Performance Settings” optional policy – running a scan will have less of a performance impact
  3. Modify the policy that prompt users when they plug in external media (flash drives, etc.) so that users will no longer receive a prompt to scan external media. Users will still have the option to run a manual scan on external media by selecting Removable Drives from the location tab in the Spirion program.

Another change coming soon is that Cornell Default policy will turn off blocking scans of mapped drives and turn the same setting on as a “Preference with First Run”. This means the preference will be set at each start of Spirion but the user can override and scan their mapped drives, if desired. This will not be in effect for scheduled scans, only scans that are manually kicked off by the client/user and it will need to be selected for each manual scan.

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