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Spring Break 2018 classroom technology upgrades

CALS Facilities, CALS-OIT and the CALS Office of Academic Programs are pleased to announce the replacement of the A/V systems in four classrooms were completed during Spring Break 2018. Plant Science 141 and 143, Riley-Robb B15 and Kennedy 105 were updated to meet the Cornell University standard of Learning Technology Room Type 1. Audio-Video systems in these rooms now have a simpler interface and more presentation capabilities including; a resident computer, laptop connection, wireless projection, document camera, “steerable” webcams, and touch panel control for video switching and volume control.

Type 1 rooms are standard learning spaces requiring support for lectures, basic digital/multimedia presentations, basic collaboration, and informal remote collaboration (synchronous, software-based). These systems are appropriate for many small to medium-sized classrooms as well as some large lecture halls. You can find out more about current room standards at

The decision regarding what rooms to upgrade was done by reviewing which rooms had the most technology challenges, requests from instructors to the Registrar, and responses received from a survey distributed at the end of the fall semester in 2017.

Plant Science 143

Riley-Robb B-15

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