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ID Finder for CALS computers

All college owned computers currently have “Identity Finder” software installed in order to assist faculty and staff in identifying confidential, restricted, or personally identifiable, information that might be stored on them.  Beginning in November 2016, CALS OIT will reinitiate the effort of automatically running Identity Finder on all college owned computers on a quarterly basis.

Following the completion of Identity Finder scanning on college owned computers, a results window similar to the image below will appear.  If the software locates data that it identifies as potentially confidential, restricted, or personally identifiable, it is up to each employee to act upon the Identity Finder results and decide how to handle the data.


The Cornell “Guide to Data Discovery” can be found here and suggestions on handling Identity Finder scan results can be found on CIT’s Identity Finder website:



If you don’t have ID Finder on your computer, please submit a request here:

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