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“Locky” Ransomware

A new wave of ransomware (malicious software that encrypts files for ransom) is being reported in the news and by some users within the Cornell community. These particular instances of ransomware trick Windows users into either applying fake software updates (e.g. Adobe) or enabling features in products like Microsoft Office. Find out more at IT: Status […]

Widespread email phishing attempts

Fraudulent emails are targeting Cornell by claiming to be from a Cornell office or official, requesting personal information and passwords. They are trying to scare people into reacting by creating a sense of urgency with ALL CAPS, threatening to close an account, etc. Unfortunately, these types of phishes are becoming incredibly common.   For a […]

MS Surface power cord recall

This recall applies to: AC power cords for Microsoft Surface Pro, Microsoft Surface Pro 2, and Microsoft Surface Pro 3 devices sold before March 15, 2015 Get details and answers to common questions about the Microsoft Surface Pro AC power cord replacement program. Learn how to order a replacement part if your Surface Pro power […]