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Encryption Policy update

Cornell University Policy 5.10 has been revised and now requires “whole-disk encryption for all university-owned desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones”. To meet one of the requirements of University Policy 5.10, CALS-OIT will be installing software and making configuration changes to your computer that will ultimately encrypt your computer hard drive.

These changes will be a part of regularly scheduled maintenance as described at

You might also see a dialog box similar to this one:

MBAM cmd dialog

During this process, notifications will appear on your computer informing you of the required software and installation date.   Once the software is installed, your computer will be required to reboot.   However, there is a four hour window where you can postpone the reboot after installation.

In order to give you the most control over the process, when you see the required software notification we recommend that you install the software and reboot your computer at your earliest convenience.

During the actual drive encryption process we expect minimal impact and you may continue to use your computer during the process.   Once the drive is fully encrypted, you will continue to login to your computer the same way you always have.

For more specifics regarding this policy revision please see:

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