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Enterprise Directory change relating to preferred name

In order to comply with new federal regulations and an Employee Assembly resolution, and at the request of the Department of Inclusion & Workforce Diversity, beginning on September 25, 2015 at 6pm, the processes that update the Enterprise Directory will be modified. After the change is made, the displayName and cn attributes will be populated […]

Avoid Online Scams

In this 7 minute video, learn to read URLs, and even if you click, look for the EV cert at and CUWebLogin to ensure you are on the right page. Any email can have dangerous links or attachments (Word documents, PDFs, pictures, etc.), even if it’s from someone you know. via New Video: Essentials to […]


SIPS put together this great list of workshops that are happening this fall and we wanted to share them with everyone in CALS. Workshops | School of Integrative Plant Science.

FAKE login page

There are undoubtedly many copies of and CUWebLogin pages out there in the wild on the Internet, trying to trick people into giving away their NetID email/password combinations. Thankfully, we don’t often get the opportunity to see them up close and personal. Cornell IT Security blocks them on our campus network as soon as […]