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Learning Space Enhancements Project

The Learning Space Enhancements Project

Cornell has embarked on a 5-year, $5 million initiative to update classroom technology across the Ithaca campus. The Learning Space Enhancements (LSE) project is a plan to update and enhance technologies in learning spaces; classrooms, lecture halls, and seminar rooms. The overall goal of the project is to foster a more consistent experience for faculty and students by establishing standards and installation of easily operated technologies for teaching and learning. LSE was launched in 2013 when data from faculty and students revealed that an improvement to learning spaces was consistently ranked as the number one priority. During the summer of 2014 the project piloted six classrooms to include updated AV systems, wireless presentation, and other collaborative tools. Learning from the six-classroom update, LSE then worked with outside consulting, and interviewed faculty representatives and AV support staff. It was determined that 35 classrooms on campus would be targeted for upgrades within the second phase of the project, and these spaces will be completed by August 2015.

The goals of these classrooms include:

  • New technology systems that support current teaching methods
  • Technology that can scale to meet future learning requirements
  • A consistent learning experience through use of standardized equipment
  • Technology systems that are user friendly and enable system support for AV/IT staff
  • Improve WiFi service to accommodate up to three devices per person

Selected rooms were chosen based upon existing facilities utilization statistics, needs assessment, and by filtering out spaces that may have significant facility issues impacting the ability to upgrade appropriately.  Room selection for the LSE was carried out by the Instructional Space Upgrade Advisory Group (UAG), which is the committee that is providing oversight for funding allocated to the LSE project.

Spaces chosen within the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences include:

Comstock B104

Kennedy Hall 101*

Kennedy Hall 326

Plant Science Bldg. G37*

Riley-Robb Hall B15

Comstock B108

Kennedy Hall 103

Kennedy Hall 462

Plant Science Bldg. 141

Emerson Hall 135

Kennedy Hall 211

Kennedy Hall 466

Morrison 163

*denotes pilot space completed during the summer of 2014

For more information about the LSE project, there is a CIT Projects SharePoint site here:

And a project status report web page located here: (confluence login)

You may also contact Shane Hutchinson, CALS Office of Information Technology, 255-6466,


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