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Lync 2013 updating to Skype for Business

Microsoft has announced that is using Windows Update to change installations of Lync 2013 to Skype for Business beginning April 14, 2015. When the change appears on an individual computer depends on how that computer accepts Windows updates.

All features and functionality currently in Lync 2013 for Windows will still be available in Skype for Business. According to Microsoft, the primary changes will be:

Skype-inspired look and feel

The popularity and usability of the Skype interface were primary motivators for Microsoft changing Lync to Skype for Business. It’s hoped that after a short period of getting familiar with the new interface, Cornell users will find Skype for Business to be better for everyday use.

Greater reach across Skype users

Microsoft is promoting that Skype for Business users will have voice and video connectivity to the entire Skype network.*

*Note: To date, Lync does not connect to Skype accounts created before Microsoft purchased the company and that have never been associated with a Microsoft account. An update will be provided when more information is known about whether Skype for Business will be able to connect to these older Skype accounts or not.

The Lync web app will also be changing to the Skype for Business web app starting April 14. Microsoft has previously indicated that Skype for Business for Mac is in development, but has not yet provided any information about when it might become available.

For more information about the upgrade to Skype for Business, including illustrations of how the application will look, please see Microsoft’s documentation at:

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