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FY15 Rates for IT Services

This message contains information about FY15 rates for the following IT services provided by CIT:

  • Network Usage-Based Billing (NUBB)
  • EZ-Backup
  • Shared File Services
  • Video Services / AV Support
  • Voice and Data
  • Network Usage-Based Billing (NUBB) Network Usage-Based Billing (NUBB) fees for faculty and staff have been eliminated for FY15.

EZ-Backup is an automated, remote backup/archive/storage service for computers and servers. Through a combination of increasing the gigabytes of storage allocated in each tier and price decreases for additional storage tiers, the rate per gigabyte for a fully utilized tier has been reduced by more than 30%. For rate info see

Shared File Services
There are no changes in rates for Shared File Services.
SFS provides file storage that enables sharing of files between groups of users and computers which are centrally provided, monitored, and have an offsite disaster recovery (DR) copy. Optional snapshots allow end-users to restore data themselves, optional replication allows for additional data-protection by storing data at two discrete on-campus locations.
For details, see:

Video Services / AV Support
There are no changes in rates for AV services.

Voice and Data
In order to meet university needs for service cost sustainability, there is a 3% increase in rates for most voice and data services. For details, please visit:

Cost Saving Tip: My Extension Everywhere allows Cornell faculty and staff to have the benefits of their Cornell phone number on their cell phone, or any phone they choose. If a Cornell desk phone isn’t needed, it’s possible to pay for only the phone number and My Extension Everywhere at a cost of less than $15 per month. Find out about other features and more details at:

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