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Password Compromise

There have been recent news reports of passwords stolen from many Internet sites by international cyber criminals. The reports state that billions of passwords have been stolen from hundreds of thousands of undisclosed websites.

The Cornell IT Security Office is monitoring the situation. At this time, there have been no specific reports of affected websites or people, and there have been no reports that validate the claims of the cyber criminals. Until further information is available, it is not necessary to change your passwords, but for extra assurance, you may want to change passwords to accounts with personal or financial information.

The IT Security Office recommends that you scrutinize and report any Internet scams or fraudulent emails that may claim that your password has been stolen and asks you to take any action, including clicking links in emails, paying for any protections or additional information, or providing any personal information.

Please keep these tips in-mind for protecting your passwords and accounts.

1. Do not click links or open attachments in emails that claim that your passwords have been stolen or ask you to validate your information.

2. Do not respond to any messages that ask for personal information.

3. Create a unique and strong password for each account. For each unique password, you are increasing the security of that account.

For more information on protecting your passwords and accounts, please visit our Protecting Your Identity pages at:

via IT: Status Alert Details.

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