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Increase in junk email

As often happens at the beginning of the academic year, students and the entire Cornell community may be seeing an increase in junk email, or spam. In addition to the issues we’ve written about in the past at that are related to surges in spam activity, other factors may be at play. Find out […]

Computer Viruses explained

How computer viruses compare to human viruses, and the role of prevention in being protected. Watch the video at Welcome | IT@Cornell News.

My Extension Everywhere

My Extension Everywhere allows Cornell faculty and staff to have the benefits of their Cornell phone number on their cell phone, or any phone they choose. If a Cornell desk phone is not needed, it is possible to pay for only the phone number and My Extension Everywhere at a cost of less than $15 […]

Teaching with Technology News for August 2014

Inside this issue: Join the Academic Technology Early Adoption Mentors program New features in Blackboard Spring 2014 Blackboard Survey results Course management technologies review Training: Learn more about Blackboard, Turnitin, and LabArchives Online course and MOOC update SPOCs and Innovation Projects Reminders about copyright and FERPA Classroom Technology news Technology centers help with instructional materials […]

Network Connectivity Program

The Network Connectivity Program, a multi-million dollar, three-year initiative to upgrade and install new network infrastructure in 46 buildings on Cornell’s Ithaca campus is complete. The program, which came in under budget and was completed on schedule, has resulted in a network capable of fully supporting Cornell’s research and educational missions by delivering information at […]


VideoNote lecture recording funds available VideoNote is a vendor-provided service in which lectures are videorecorded by a person in your classroom and put online. The cost for VideoNote is $5000 per semester to record and host a course, or $2500 to host using previously recorded video; however, the Provost’s Office underwrites $2500 of this amount […]

Workshops for the CALS community

Check out these three upcoming workshops available to CALS faculty, students and staff: Electronic Lab Notebook Using Excel with Research Data Data Management Find out more and register at: Upcoming workshops for the CALS community – CALS Notes.

FY15 Rates for IT Services

This message contains information about FY15 rates for the following IT services provided by CIT: Network Usage-Based Billing (NUBB) EZ-Backup Shared File Services Video Services / AV Support Voice and Data Network Usage-Based Billing (NUBB) Network Usage-Based Billing (NUBB) fees for faculty and staff have been eliminated for FY15.

Password Compromise

There have been recent news reports of passwords stolen from many Internet sites by international cyber criminals. The reports state that billions of passwords have been stolen from hundreds of thousands of undisclosed websites. The Cornell IT Security Office is monitoring the situation. At this time, there have been no specific reports of affected websites […]

Media Census

Be part of an important on-campus census and preserve Cornell history. The Cornell AudioVisual Preservation team has launched a Web-based census to gather data on ‘at-risk’ campus audio-visual materials languishing in departments’ cupboards, shoe boxes under desks or as digital files living on isolated desktops. If you know of orphaned media that should be examined […]