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VPN Client Software Update

AnyConnect, the CUVPN client, will be upgraded on Tuesday July 29, 2014.   Users should wait for the service upgrade on July 29th, at which point the clients will upgrade automatically when connecting to the CUVPN service.

  • The new desktop version of AnyConnect is 3.1.05170
  • The fixed (and current) version for iOS (Apple) is 3.0.09440 and is updated via App Store
  • The fixed (and current) version for Android is 3.0.09431 and is updated via Google Play.

Follow links in this README to new stand-alone client installers:

The version(s) addresses vulnerabilities identified on 05 June 2014 by OpenSSL Project (

All users will be upgraded via the CUVPN service on July 29, 2014; individual users should not require these stand-alone installers.  After the 29th, user’s AnyConnect clients will self-upgrade upon connection to CUVPN.  Fresh installs will install the new version via the web interface (  Client self-upgrade does not require Administrative privilege on the machine; fresh installation does require Administrative privilege.

The new versions can be deployed now.  The service does not “down-grade” more advanced/newer client versions.  However, older version clients will be always upgraded to at least the server version.

This software is only available to the Cornell community.

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