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SAS Licensing Renewal Notice 2014

It is time to renew Cornell University’s volume license for SAS.

CU Software needs to know your license requirements for the 2014-15 license period. We are asking that you place a pre-order using the CU Software licensing site to provide a firm commitment to purchase the number of licenses you indicate. 

You will need a valid KFS account number and object code to place your pre-order. If you are uncertain which object code to use, your department’s financial accounts representative should be able to assist you.

  •          License period: May 13, 2014 to May 14, 2015
  •         Estimated per license price range: $160 to $180
  •         Pre-order deadline: April 18, 2014

If the final pricing falls within or under this range, your pre-order will be converted into an actual order and your account will be billed automatically. If the price turns out to be higher than expected, you will be given the opportunity to cancel before the order is processed.

To renew your current license or to commit to purchasing new licenses, please use the CU Software Licensing Site at

You save money by pre-ordering. The price for licensing products is based on the number of users on campus, and the pre-order process allows us to negotiate the best possible price for you. The more pre-orders we receive before the deadline, the lower the final per-user price will be. Users who participate in the pre-order process receive a lower price than those who purchase licenses after the renewal is completed.

NOTE: Please do not order other licensing items in the same order as this pre-order item.

If you have questions or concerns about the license renewal process, please contact this office directly via e-mail at TCLICENSING@CORNELL.EDU or by phone at 607-255-4941.

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