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WebEx privacy

To date, Cornell WebEx has remained a fairly open system. However, recent reports of uninvited/unknown/non-Cornell affiliated people joining WebEx meetings may require swift changes to this policy. Reports vary—these “lurkers” are committing everything from mild offenses to distasteful behavior:

• They join meetings and quietly listen to discussions.
• They make international calls and attempt to “talk over” Cornell meetings.
• Rarely, they attempt to participate in meetings by showing unrelated/inappropriate content.

“Lurking” should be taken seriously, because it could be an attempt to steal confidential information or access to Cornell services.

Until the policy question is resolved, we highly recommend the following for ALL meetings:
1. Use a password.
2. Do not list meetings publicly.
3. If unwanted attendees appear, “expel” them.

See Keeping Your WebEx Meetings Private:

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