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iOS Security Alert

On Friday, Feb 21st, Apple announced that they discovered a serious vulnerability in iOS. If you have an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod), you should update the iOS software on that device as soon as possible. The vulnerability could allow criminals to intercept your secured communications over the Internet, divulging any private or sensitive […]

Bioinformatics Workshops

Put on by the Cornell Institute of Biotechnology See the list and schedule here: Workshops.

Technologies Unsuitable for the Campus Network

Some otherwise useful technologies don’t function well in our residence halls, academic buildings, and administrative offices. With many people in close proximity, these devices tend to interfere with one another. We ask that you do not use any of the following on the campus network. Full list @  IT: Technologies Unsuitable for the Campus Network.

Tech Training Spotlight

Want to learn how to create and format such multi-page publications as newspapers, books, newsletters and brochures? Would you like to be able to correct photos or create photographic special effects? Register now for an Adobe InDesign or Photoshop class scheduled for Feb. 27. Find out more @ Tech Training Spotlight | Pawprint.