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WebEx link issue

As a result of changes being made to increase the security of the WebEx service, links to WebEx recordings created before January 29, 2014 will need to be updated by the Host. The old links will continue to work until February 28 to allow time for the new links to be shared. After February 28, the previous links will expire and anyone using them will be redirected to a page that provides a form to request the updated URL from the owner (Host) of the recording.
If you have external web pages that embed or link to WebEx recordings, or have shared recording links, you can find the updated link by first clicking My WebEx (top navigation bar), then on the left-hand menu, click My Files, then select the My Recordings tab.

For long-term availability of shared files, we recommend downloading WebEx recordings and storing and sharing them through Cornell’s Video on Demand service. The steps to begin the process may be found on the Web Conferencing service web site:

Unlisted Event Center Programs
If you’ve ever created an unlisted Program in WebEx’s Event Center, any links to it will be similarly affected by this change and must also be updated. A program is a grouping of related events for a specific project, product, or audience. The change does not affect individual events or sessions or listed programs.
If you have any additional questions, please see the WebEx FAQ on this change:

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