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Cornell WebEx Communications

In recent weeks, you may have noticed multiple emails announcing upgrades to the Cornell WebEx service. The updates are frequent enough that we feel it will be more respectful of your time and in-box to only send an announcement to the WebEx meeting hosts list when an upgrade will bring a significant change or new benefit to the service.

In addition to promoting awareness of planned changes, the emails have also included a reminder that it may take a few minutes to redownload the WebEx app the first time you use WebEx after an upgrade. Rather than continuing to resend this information, the following will be posted as a best practice on the Web Conferencing website:

“WebEx is regularly updated, generally over the weekend. These updates require that the WebEx app be redownloaded the first time a meeting is attended after the update. In order to ensure the ability to start and attend meetings on time, we recommend that you sign in a little early to your first WebEx of the week.”

The next update of WebEx will be on Saturday, so this advice will apply to the first WebEx you attend next week. If you have any questions about WebEx, please let us know.

Thank you,
CIT AV Services

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