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A screenshot is an image capture of anything on your desktop, an error message or configuration option dialog box that you have a question about. Screenshots might also be called screen grabs or screen captures. There are a couple of different options for screen captures for both Mac and PCs and the basics for each are […]

Cloud computing: Four ways to protect your identity and your data in the cloud

To save resources, protect data and make access to services easier, IT@Cornell strongly encourages the campus community to use enterprise cloud services with a Cornell contract whenever possible. But what about those times when you find you must use a consumer cloud service? How can you protect the university’s data, your data and your online […]

Cyber Security Awareness Resources 14 Oct

Next week is Halloween! Phishing (when cyber criminals try to trick people into giving away personal information—like passwords, credit card numbers, etc.) is still one of Cornell’s most challenging cyber security issues. Criminals can dress up any email to look the part, so that you click on a link to a malicious site. If you […]

New features in the Cornell Survey Tool

Find out about all of the new features in the Cornell Survey Tool at New features in the Cornell Survey Tool | Cornell IT News.

Beware Ransomware

The IT Security Office has been receiving reports of computers becoming infected with “ransomware” such as Cryptolocker. As far as we know, this malware is targeting Microsoft Windows systems. Ransomware is malicious software that can encrypt data files on your computer with a key known only to the attacker. The files are still there, but […]

Cyber Security Awareness Resources – Week of 10/14 | Cornell IT News

Happy National Cyber Security Awareness Month! This week, we’ve shared five new cyber security resources on our social media pages, including a survey you can fill out to tell us what cyber security topics you’d like to learn about and and a blog featuring RIT student posts about information security. Would you like to know […]

Trouble approving timecards in Kronos?

If you are having trouble approving timecards in either the Basic or Full version of Kronos, please all clear Java and browser cache. Use the directions below: PC – how to clear Java cache Mac – how to clear Java cache Clearing your Browser cache: How to clear browser cache in Internet Explorer In Internet […]

Upgrade of Office 365

The new timing for Microsoft to upgrade Cornell’s Office 365 instance will be in 60 to 90 days (in the range of December 2013 to January 2014). This effort is part of Microsoft’s global upgrade of Office 365. Would you like to know more?  Upgrade of Office 365 Update: 10/04/13 | Cornell IT News.

Fires prompt recall of 15 million surge protectors

Schneider Electric (APC) is recalling 15 million of its surge protectors because they may overheat or start a fire. Find out if your APC surge strip is being recalled at:

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

We lead Internet-connected, digital lives. At Cornell, home, and on the go, we work, learn, and play online. Even when we are not directly connected to the Internet, Cornell’s critical infrastructure—the vast connection of computers, data, and websites supporting our everyday lives through financial transactions, research and academic software, emergency response systems, personal records, communications, […]

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