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WiFi Reconnection – 4 August 2013

Starting on August 4, 2013, people using Cornell’s secure Wi-Fi services (RedRover-Secure or eduroam) will be prompted once per device to reconnect to the Wi-Fi network by accepting a new SSL certificate (RedRover users will not be affected).

The changes we are making will have two primary benefits:
1. It will make it easier for new faculty, staff, and students to connect, using a simple three step process.
2. It will provide us with an opportunity to encourage faculty, students, and staff to use eduroam—directions for how to do so will be provided.
Switching to eduroam will automatically connect traveling faculty, students, and staff to the Internet at other institutions using eduroam. The eduroam service has gained momentum throughout research and education communities, and it is now available in 54 countries at over 5500 locations world wide. See eduroam-US Institutions for a current list of more than 100 locations where eduroam is available in the United States.

Troubleshooting information will be provided in communications. However, people may not have alternative access to the Internet or email (via a mobile data plan or ethernet connection), so we will refer users to local technical support and the IT Service Desk staff, who are also prepared to help.

For now, all Wi-Fi service documentation is at the RedRover service site ( ). We are developing a new Wi-Fi service site that will be up by August 4. The old RedRover site will forward automatically, once the new site is complete.

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