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IT Security Video Gallery

The IT Security Office has produced a short how-to video, using the recent Java phish targeting Cornell, to help our community learn what to look for, there are also videos about phishing scams in general and password security. Please watch and share these videos with Cornell faculty, staff, and students All Three videos are available @ the IT: […]

How is spam getting in your mailbox if Cornell supposedly blocks it?

When you scan your Inbox each morning, chances are you’ll spot a few messages that turn out to be spam junk mail. Lately they aren’t even marked with the telltale PMX signature that Cornell’s anti-spam system adds to questionable messages. What’s going on? Would you like to know more? Go To How is spam getting in […]

Ordering Computers and Exceptions

Dell is Cornell’s preferred supplier of Windows-based desktop and laptop computers and the primary source for four basic configuration options, which are available at the discounted prices only through e-SHOP. If one of the four configurations does not meet your needs, custom configurations can be ordered by submitting an Exception Ordering form to your local […]