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New web site explains IT@Cornell approach to cloud services

What is a cloud service? What cloud services do we have at Cornell? What are the benefits of cloud services–for Cornell as an institution? for students, faculty and staff? How does Cornell contract for cloud services?

These and other questions are addressed on a new web site, Guide to Understanding Cloud Services.

A sampling of information available on the web site:

Institutional benefit:  Because cloud services are on vendors’ servers, not Cornell’s, we may be able to reduce our technology infrastructure investment by leveraging them whenever possible. Discover more institutional benefits.

Individual benefit: Cloud services are easily accessible from any device with a web browser (laptops, tablets, smarphones) so you can connect to them from anywhere. Understand more benefits for students, faculty and staff.

Cloud Initiative Office: Central IT has a Cloud Initiative Office available to assist IT service provides interested in contracting for cloud services. Read about services available and how to contact the Cloud Initiative Office.

Cloud as a form of IT Service Delivery: The cloud provides Cornell with a new choice among a variety of IT service delivery models. See slides describing the models and read how IT@Cornell is positioning itself to provide and support cloud services.

Office 365 is a cloud service: See a list of other current and upcoming cloud services.

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