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Cornell Statistical Consulting Unit updates

1. CSCU Latest Newsletter: Interpreting Interactions in Logistic Regression

The Cornell Statistical Consulting Unit sends out newsletters that present statistical methodologies that might be useful for your research. In this latest issue we discuss the interpretation of interaction terms in logistic regression as this can be quite challenging. In this newsletter we outline two methods for understanding the nature of the interaction in this context. The newsletter can be found on the CSCU website at: .

2. CSCU Fall Workshops

There is still time to register for CSCU Fall workshops covering a wide range of statistical methodologies. To view the complete list of upcoming workshops and their descriptions, and to register, visit our website: .

3. Graduate Student Walk-In Consulting

Doctoral students from the Departments of Statistical Science and Biological Statistics and Computational Biology are back in Mann Library to assist CSCU with the statistical consulting! The CSCU student consultants are available every weekday for walk-in consulting in the lobby of Mann library from 1:30-2:30pm. Stop by to ask them questions regarding the statistical aspects of your project, including study design, statistical methodology, interpretation of results, and more.

For further information on other CSCU walk-in hours and appointments visit:

4. Help Available for Grant Proposals

Would you like a statistician to:

  • Review the statistical methods section of your proposal?
  • Help you with the design of your experiment or survey and the calculation of an appropriate sample size?
  • Provide a letter of support to attach to a proposal?
  • Analyze the data?
  • Collaborate on a proposal?

CSCU staff statisticians and faculty consultants are available for a wide range of services designed to assist you with the preparation of grant proposals. Contact a staff statistician directly or send a message to and we will direct you to the statistician who will be best able to assist you.

5. Statistical Consulting Available to Honors Undergraduate Students

Do you advise Honors Undergraduate  Students who work with quantitative data requiring statistical analysis for their thesis? We recommend you send your students to CSCU to receive extra support as they tackle the challenges of data analysis for the first time. Typically a CSCU consultant can work with the undergraduate student as they move through the various stages of their research process throughout the year. Contact us early to avoid unnecessary stress for the student.  Please send an email to or have the student contact us directly at this address to get started.

6. Projects for Graduate Students in the Master of Professional Studies in Applied Statistics

Graduate students enrolled in the Master of Professional Studies in Applied Statistics are required to carry out an in-depth statistical data analysis project. MPS students typically team up with a researcher to perform, under supervision of a statistician, the statistical analysis of the researcher’s data. The students will have to submit a final report at the conclusion of the project. If you have data that would be suitable for such a project and would like to have an MPS student perform the statistical analysis for you, please contact the Associate Director of the MPS program, Prof. Xiaolong Yang, at

7. CSCU on Facebook

If you have not done so yet, check us out on facebook.   – like us on facebook

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