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ITSM Update

IT Service Management Project Highlights: The IT Service Desk is preparing to support additional services and onboard IT service groups. The Remedy team is onboarding new users and determining the next module for deployment at Cornell. The knowledgebase project RightAnswers is preparing for an IT Service Desk pilot followed by the self-service launch in early 2013. […]

Cornell Statistical Consulting Unit updates

1. CSCU Latest Newsletter: Interpreting Interactions in Logistic Regression The Cornell Statistical Consulting Unit sends out newsletters that present statistical methodologies that might be useful for your research. In this latest issue we discuss the interpretation of interaction terms in logistic regression as this can be quite challenging. In this newsletter we outline two methods […]

Engineering Application Saves Development Time in CALS

A success story from right here in CALS-OIT. ASI is a program to categorize, evaluate, and improve the assets Cornell knows as IT applications. via Leveraging Engineering Application Saves Development Time in CALS | Cornell IT News. More info about ASI

National Cyber Security Awareness Month

National Cyber Security Awareness Month, NCSAM, is held every October to promote the ideals of cyber security. We urge you to take 6 minutes to watch the very valuable video at the link below. It was produced by SANS, a very reliable source for computer security training, certification and research. via SANS: IT Information Security […]