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New Exchange Account Manager tool launches

Effective Sunday, September 16, there will be a new tool, called Exchange Account Manager, for requesting and managing Exchange Group Accounts, room accounts, and equipment accounts. Exchange Account Manager (EAM) replaces the current EGA Tool, and it provides many of the enhancements that have been requested since that tool was introduced.

EAM was demo’d at the August 31 TSP Forum, and on Monday, September 17, it will be announced to everyone who owns or administers Exchange Group Accounts or room/equipment accounts.


Go to EAM

See the EAM documentation

What’s new in Exchange Account Manager:

  • Exchange Group Accounts (EGAs), room accounts, and equipment accounts can all be requested and managed here.
  • An EGA can have multiple active email addresses — these can all be activated for receiving email, but the EGA can only have one reply-to address.
  • An EGA’s email address and “ga.” name can be different.
  • Search includes NetID, account name, display name, description, email address, specific permissions (roles), or any permission (role).
  • Accounts can be switched, with the click of a radio button, from being one type to another (for example, change an EGA to a room account).
  • Status of pending requests for new accounts can be viewed.
  • Incomplete requests for new accounts are stored.
  • Status information is provided for existing accounts (date they were approved, who approved).
  • The tool has a new look and feel, and usability improvements.
  • The “My Account” tab lets you see how your NetID account is set up (login name, quota usage) and lets you set three standard levels of calendar sharing (September 16 is considered a “soft launch” for this piece of the tool; we will be publicizing this functionality more broadly at a later date).

via New Exchange Account Manager tool launches Sept. 16 | Cornell IT News.

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