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FY13 changes to voice and data billing

Several changes are being made in FY13 to how voice and data services at Cornell are billed. These changes are being made in response to recommendations from the university’s Administrative Streamlining Program.

 Network Usage-Based Billing (NUBB)

The Network Usage-Based Billing (NUBB) fees for faculty and staff will continue to be billed annually as a fixed fee for FY13. Fees will be billed at the account level, and, like last year, will be calculated as an average of FY10 and FY11 bills, less 5%. The annual bills will be processed in October. For students, NUBB fees will continue to be assessed monthly.


EZ-Backup monthly rates have been lowered for FY13:

  FY12 Rate  FY13 Rate
Base rate (per system) up to 15GB instead of 10: $6.00 $5.50
Base rate (51+ nodes/dept) up to 15GB instead of 10 (*1): $4.00 $3.50
Extra storage rate (first 15GB):15-30GB instead of 10-25GB: $0.12/GB $0.07/GB
Cost of storage (> 15GB): 30GB and over instead of 25 (*2): $0.08/GB $0.05/GB
100GB static storage rate: 115GB and > instead of 110 (*3): $0.06/GB $0.04/GB

 (*1) Departmental Discount:  Departments managing more than 50 systems with the same support staff will be charged a discount base rate of $3.50 per system for the 51st and subsequent systems.  For more information, refer to .

 (*2) Departmental Discount:  Extra storage (above 15 GB) on multiple systems within the same department and managed by the same support staff can be aggregated to qualify for the storage rate above 15GB.  For more information, refer to .

 (*3) The “Static storage rate” is intended for long-term backup of static reference data that almost never changes.  For more info refer to .

 Voice Service

The monthly voice rates for 4600 series IP phone sets for faculty and staff have been reduced. Please see 

The 4600 series IP phone sets are currently installed in VOIP ready buildings (Weill Hall, 312 College Ave. and 110 Maple Ave.) and will be installed in the Network Connectivity Program (NCP) locations (To see locations, visit

 A new option for voice service is to remove your phone and have your Cornell number redirected to any 10-digit telephone number. For more information, please visit the web site for Cornell’s Extension to Cellular service (EC500) at

 If you have questions or concerns about account number changes, please contact the CIT Billing Office at or 255-5400

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