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CALS-OIT has a new web page

We have  a new web page, the old address will redirect for now but if you’dl ike to go straight there here is the new address.

This means the form you normally use for requesting support will look slightly different. Any URL/bookmark you were using before should redirect as well but here is the current address so you can bookmark it for faster access; 

Normally, we like to remind folks that when this sort of form changes with no notice you should be suspicious, there could be mischief afoot. That is not the case in this case. The fields are all the same, the options are all the same, there is just a slightly different look. Good for you if you saw it was different and check the URL (web address at the top of your browser) to be sure it was really a site!

Here is what it looks like, just so you know. Click the picture below for a larger version.

new cals remedy form


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