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CU VPN to be updated on 31 July

If you use the VPN you know about it and if not you don’t need to read any further.
This is just an FYI, there is no action needed on your part for this upgrade.

The AnyConnect client for CUVPN will be upgraded July 31, 2012.  This is done on the CUVPN servers – clients will self-upgrade upon connection to CUVPN.  End-users need not do anything; no special privileges are required for client self-upgrade.

Stand-alone installers are available now for the new client.  Folks who manage desktops can integrate the new clients into their managed images (SCCM, WDS, etc.).  The new clients are useable by CUVPN immediately.  The client will not be downgrade by the CUVPN service when connecting. 

Current client version: 3.0.4235
New client version: 3.0.08057


  • Cisco has added an additional digit to their versioning system (see second “0”).  So, version 3.0.08057 is newer than 3.0.4235 .
  • No admin-privilege is required for client self-upgrade.  Initial installation does require privileges on all OS’s.
  • End-users do not need to use these installers.
  • These are for use by the Cornell community only.  CUWA log-in is required.

Use this README, with OS-based links, to download the new installers (v3.0.08057):

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