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EZ-Backup rates reduced

CIT is pleased to announce new EZ-Backup rates for FY13:

The new rates are effective as of July, 2012 and will be reflected in the billing for July that will be sent July 16th.  EZ-Backup rates are adjusted annually to balance charges with expenses.

  FY12 Rate FY13 Rate 
Base rate (per system) up to 15GB instead of 10: $6.00  $5.50
Base rate (51+ nodes/dept) up to 15GB instead of 10 (*1): $4.00  $3.50 
Extra storage rate (first 15GB):15-30GB instead of 10-25GB: $0.12/Gb $0.07/Gb 
Cost of storage (> 15GB): 30GB and over instead of 25 (*2): $0.08/Gb $0.05/Gb
100GB static storage rate: 115GB and > instead of 110 (*3): $0.06/Gb $0.04/Gb

(*1) Departmental Discount:  Departments managing more than 50 systems with the same support staff will be charged a discount base rate of $3.50 per system for the 51st and subsequent systems.  For more information, refer to .

(*2) Departmental Discount:  Extra storage (above 15 GB) on multiple systems within the same department and managed by the same support staff can be aggregated to qualify for the storage rate above 15GB.  For more information, refer to .

(*3) The “Static storage rate” is intended for long-term backup of static reference data that almost never changes.  For more info refer to .

If your department or college is thinking about a storage solution, please consider the benefits of EZ-Backup, managed by CIT:

  • Rates that keep getting lower.  We review the EZ-Backup business plan annually, in compliance with Cornell policy, to evaluate our costs and use any surpluses to lower rates.
  • 24-hour support from system experts
  • Continuity of service provided by CIT
  • Flexible, customizable configurations for complex needs
  • System entrusted to store the university’s critical data
  • Security of storing data outside your department
  • Redundant storage outside the Ithaca area at no additional cost.  Should an emergency or disaster impair our local storage systems, we can reinstate them offsit

Thank you
EZ-Backup Support Team
Cornell Information Technologies

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