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Google Notifying users affected by malware

Starting today Google is undertaking an effort to notify roughly half a million people whose computers or home routers are infected with a well-publicized form of malware known as DNSChanger. After successfully alerting a million users last summer to a different type of malware, they’ve replicated this method and have started showing warnings via a […]

Spear Phishing

Just a few years ago, most phishing scams worked on the same principal as large trawling ships: cast a very wide net, and see what you pull in. Emails purporting to be from the nation’s biggest financial institutions were sent to millions of random email addresses on the assumption that some percentage of them would […]

Protect Your NetID

When you log in through CUWebLogin, the combination of everything involved in the process—your ID, your password, and the authentication the system provides after verifying your information—establishes what is called your credentials. For the protection of your online identity, it is vital that you are very careful with your credentials and take steps to ensure […]

NSF Data Management Plan Information Sessions

Cornell faculty and staff are invited to attend an informational session on the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) policy requiring a data management plan with all grant proposals. This policy went into effect January 18, 2011. Staff from the Research Data Management Service Group (RDMSG) will review the requirements, describe how researchers can obtain assistance from […]

Lithiuim ion batteries

Lithium ion batteries are particular about their operating conditions, and there are a lot of small things that can contribute to better quality of life. Li-ion batteries have a reasonably finite lifespan and can hold only a fraction of their original capacity after a few years, but things like operating temperature, how long the battery […]

Essential Desktop Applications Course

Cornell Summer Session Essential Desktop Applications Course description: Provides skills in the use of personal computers which run the Windows operating system. Covers the basics and time-saving techniques for Windows, Lexis Nexis, and Microsoft Excel, Access, and PowerPoint. Emphasizes hands-on experience and development of PC-based solutions by using examples that address human resource and other […]

Intermittent Email issues

Date: Apr 26, 2012, 06:25 PM Expected duration: Unknown Status: Open Description: Exchange email and calendar is running slowly at times. You may occasionally see slow or lost connections, and longer than usual times to process email or calendar tasks. Trying again in a little while is the best advice for now. CIT is investigating […]

Windows 7 Shortcut Keys

As long as you’re a keyboard person, and prefer not to use your mouse at any opportunity you have, this guide will teach you to surf around your Windows 7 almost solely on your keyboard! The Ultimate List of Shortcut Keys That Will Make Your Life Easier [Windows 7].